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You've finally robbed the world's biggest bank ever. But unfortunatly, everything isn't happening as you wished. Cops are following you while escaping with the loot. Don't let them get any of it and SMASH 'EM ALL.

Nb : this is my second game but my first serious one, it has been realised in a little more than 10 days during a workshop with other students. I just hope u'll have fun playing it and u will tryhard to get to the end ^^)

Install instructions

If you want to play the game i've uploaded 3 different files :

- 1st, the .yyz file --> it is reserved to people who own game maker 2 and a liscence (a free liscence should also work) this file will permitt you to see all the code behind the game and you can also change things as if you want

-2nd, the .exe --> this file doesn't require anything to be launched, it will only ask you to download game maker studio 2 to start playing it. Don't worry this isn't a virus. Once you've download Game Maker, the game will be launched automatically. And enjoy ;)

-3rd, the .zip --> to start playing with this file, you will have to own Winrar on your computer, when you open the file on wirar, click on the application (named : booty_escape_final_exported_GMS2_project.exe). Then the game will start and nothing will have to be downloaded

To Sum up, 1st : if you own game maker and a liscence
                         2nd : only have to download game maker
                         3 rd : if you own winrar, no installation required


Booty_Escap.YYZ.yyz 7 MB
Booty_Escape.EXE.exe 27 MB
Booty_Escape.ZIP.zip 14 MB

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